Tata Elxsi Introduces RoboTaxi In Association With AEye’s iDAR Platform


Tata Elxsi introduces RoboTaxi in association with AEye’s iDAR platform. iDAR is the first completely software based smart sensor that supports dynamic ROI and prompting of sensors. It broadens the range at which items can be classified, tracked and distinguished followed to upgrade the safety in autonomous vehicle. Tata Elxsi’s RoboTaxi is based over its product middleware platform Autonomai.

The two organizations will exhibit the progressed RoboTaxi software system at Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas in the following month. VP of AI and software at AEye, Abhijit Thatte said, “Tata Elxsi has been a wonderful development partner, helping us to extend the software capabilities of the iDAR platform and integrate iDAR into a fully realized autonomous driving stack.”

The autonomous feature enables the explorer to utilize a RoboTaxi from their present area to the chose goal with the press of a button on the screen. The true autonomous vehicle experiences different situations, like cross-traffic detection at round-about and junction, cueing the sensor with HD maps and V2X information and follow the road ahead. Tata Elxsi has done the iDAR coordination into the avehicle, interfacing with the simulation, AD stack, vehicle testing and demonstration for AEye.

“Building a reference autonomous system from the ground up, based on iDAR as the artificial perception platform, is a fantastic achievement for the AEye and Tata Elxsi’s AD/ADAS team,” Thatte added. “We are excited to be demonstrating some of the unique capabilities of iDAR and how they can accelerate the deployment of autonomous features in vehicles.”








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