Is Sonia Agarwal getting married for the second time? Posts wedding related photos on social media

Sonia Aggarwal marriage

Sonia Aggarwal was one of those actresses who emoted well in Tamil Cinemas and went on to do various films that had importance for heroines rather than just dancing around heroes. Thanks to Selvaraghavan who introduced Sonia Agarwal to the film industry through his movie Kadhal Konden. Sonia Aggarwal acted in two more films under Selvaraghavan direction including Pudhupettai and 7-G Rainbow Colony which had ample scope for her to perform.

Sonia Agarwal Marriage – Is there wedding bells around the corner?

Sonia Agarwal married director Selvaraghavan in 2006 and they lived happily for four years. Later in 2010 they got mutual separation due to some differences and Selvaraghavan re-married in 2011 to Geetanjali. Now after 10 years Sonia Agarwal is marrying again or the posts she made on social media made people think she is going to get married soon.

Sonia Aggarwal has posted a countdown on social media with wedding photos and the latest one says 2-days to go with rings. We are not sure if it’s a promo for a new show or her wedding.


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