Brain Test 3 Answers, Cheats and Walkthrough for all levels [1 to 61]


Here are the answers, solutions and cheats to all levels of Brain Test puzzles in one page. We have added hints to each and every levels to make it easier for the users. If you need help with any specific level comment below. Thanks to Brain Test 3 answers page for helping us in solving all these puzzles.

Brain Test 3 Level 1 Gundolf Told That Eddie Baddie Has The Blue Power Gem.

  • Drag the stone to the cans then drag the man with goggles to forward

Brain Test 3 Level 2 Well.. Where Is He Hiding That Gem?

  • Tap the key on the shelf then drag the key to the safe then collect the statue then tap forward button then put the statue on the pillar

Brain Test 3 Level 3 I Must Keep Looking

  • Tap on the cake and mouse trap to take them. Drag cake on the mousetrap to combine them. Continue by clicking on the arrow. Drag the trap on the barrel and tap on the toilet door to lure him out.

Brain Test 3 Level 4 They Are Distracted I Must Get Them

  • Combine the slingshot and the stone and drag the loaded slingshot at the light. Find something to cut the alarm cables above. Load your slingshot again and shoot the guy. Use ropes to tie him up. There are ropes behind that box.

Brain Test 3 Level 5 Where Is The Blue Power Gem

  • Tap the answers as their questions

Brain Test 3 Level 6 The Thug Told Me To Look For Eddie’s Computer

  • Tap on the door symbols to change them. Match the symbols horizontally. The lever is hidden behind the box. You need to put the missing lever to open the door.

Brain Test 3 Level 7 Argh! Another Locked Door

  • Drag the hammer to the rock then drag the stone to the slingshot then drag the loaded slingshot to the boy then aim to lock.

Brain Test 3 Level 8 I Must Get Rid Of Him

  • Move the stone under the chair

Brain Test 3 Level 9 I Need To Hack This Computer

  • check the pattern given below

Brain Test 3 Level 10 I Must Repair My Dad’s Old Airplane To Go To L

  • Collect fan, fuel can and paint can from screen then fix the aeroplane.

Brain Test 3 Level 11 I’m Alyx, I Need Your Help Mr Smith

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 12 Fly A Flight Betwen Dark Clouds

  • Swipe the screen to change the plane’s altitude and avoid the dark clouds.

Brain Test 3 Level 13 The Entrance To The Secret Base Must Be Close

  • Remove the leaves from the way then tap the hidden door.

Brain Test 3 Level 14 What A Weird Place, I Need To Find A Way To Open That Door

  • Collect green, red and blue diamonds from the room. Red in a safe and blue is behind the box. Then put the appropriate colours on the door.

Brain Test 3 Level 15 Hey You Are Not Supposed To Be Here

  • Collect the stone from the screen then move left side of the screen then drag the stone to the snake cage then drag the snake to the theif.

Brain Test 3 Level 16 I Must Rescue That Poor Cat! I Must Find They To Unlock That Cage

  • Drag the Thug’s body to find the key. Use the key on the cat’s cage to free it.

Brain Test 3 Level 17 Thank You For Coming To Help Me Mr.Smith. So Do You Know Where Is The Gem, How Can I Get There

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 18 I Must Pass Through The Cave

  • Drag Alyx to avoid the falling stalactites.

Brain Test 3 Level 19 Phew.. That Was Crazy Cavel, Aha! There Is Blue Power Gem

  • Turn on the faucet. Take the bucket and fill it with water. Drag the bucket to the faucet to fill water. Drag the water bucket to the power outlet.

Brain Test 3 Level 20 I Must Find A Way To Stop Him

  • Go to the left screen. Take the screwdriver and use it on the right screw of the shelf. Drag the barrel away from the trapdoor.

Brain Test 3 Level 21 That Gem Belongs To My Boss?

  • Take that stick and the axe blade. Combine the stick with the axe blade. Use the axe on the tree.

Brain Test 3 Level 22 Why Should I? You Hurt Me!You Tied Me!You Made Me Betray My Beloved Bosss!

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 23 Gundolf Said That The Next Gem Is Inside A Pyramid.Alyx Flew To The Sahara Desert To Find

  • Move the clouds towards the pyramid

Brain Test 3 Level 24 The Gem Must Be Somewhere In Pyramid

  • Get a torch from first screen then move to right then light the mummy with the torch.

Brain Test 3 Level 25 Erm, I Am Alyx. I Am Loking For Red Power Gem

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 26 I Must Proceed With Caution

  • Collect the pieces of rope and combine them. Move forward and use the rope on the hook.

Brain Test 3 Level 27 There It Is Red Power Gem

  • Tap on the gem to take it. Drag the red gem to the enemies to destroy them.

Brain Test 3 Level 28 I Must Get Out Of This Pyramid

  • Tap on the tiles to move. Follow the pattern on the wall.

Brain Test 3 Level 29 Gundolf Told That The Next Gem Is Located In The Stinky Swamps , Alyx Flying There, But She Must Land There With A Parachute

  • Tap Alyx when the island reaches.

Brain Test 3 Level 30 I Must Find A Way To Get Past That Carnivorous Plant

  • Cut a twig with your knife. Use the twig on the plant’s mouth to disable it.

Brain Test 3 Level 31 Uuu.. What Is A Beautiful Girl Doing In This Terrible Swamp

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 32 We Need A Yellow, A Green And Red Flower

  • Collect flowers from the screen. Drag the blue flower to the paint on the tree to make it red.

Brain Test 3 Level 33 Lets Brew The Potion]

  • Follow the witch’s direction and drag the correct flowers into the pot. Put the flowers in this order: Yellow, Red, Red, Green, Yellow, Red, Yellow.

Brain Test 3 Level 34 Place The Glued Stone When Frog Try To Catch Insect And Pour Chemical

  • Take the stone by tapping on it. Put the stone on the fly when the frog catches it with its tounge. Drag the potion to the frog when its tougue is stuck out.

Brain Test 3 Level 35 Gundolf Said That The Next Gem Is Hidden By A Pirate.I Must Go To Tortuga

  • Drag the cables to the same coloured sockets.

Brain Test 3 Level 36 You Again! What Are You Doing In Tortuga

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 37 Oh No They Are Beating Her

  • Move the screen to right. Collect stones from barrel and slingshot then aim it to the chandelier.

Brain Test 3 Level 38 I Am Looking For Yellow Poower Gem

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 39 Alright, Lasie.Go And Unfruel The Sails

  • Take the crowbar to open the crate. Take the knife from the crate. Drag the knife to the knot holding the sails.

Brain Test 3 Level 40 We Must Be Careful About The Krackens

  • Swipe on the sails to stop the ship. Wait for the krakens to dive and swipe again to continue. You must pass 2 Krakens.

Brain Test 3 Level 41 Blimey!Rats Tore The Map! Help Me Fix It

  • Drag the map pieces together to fix the map.

Brain Test 3 Level 42 Land Ahoy! The Gem Must Be On This Island

  • Find the key amongst the pirate’s tools and take it. Use the key on the bird’s cage.

Brain Test 3 Level 43 According To The Map, The Gem Is Somewhere Between Two Rocks

  • collect a wooden stick from the first screen then collect shovel head from the second screen and combine them. Go to next screen then dig between the rocks and get yellow gem.

Brain Test 3 Level 44 We Must Escape From The Pirates

  • Swipe on the ship to change lanes. Evade the enemy ships attacks. Destroy 3 enemy ships to pass the level.

Brain Test 3 Level 45 How Can I Go There? I Heard About Spaceshitp Going To The Mon Tomorrow

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 46 Good Job Gundolf!He Teleported Me Into The Middle Of Space

  • Protect Alyx from the meteor strike.

Brain Test 3 Level 47 Thanks For Saving Me! I Am Alyx

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 48 Why Are They Keeping That Poor Dog In Cage

  • Take the wrench. Use the wrench to unscrew the bolts under the astronaut. Take the key and use it to unlock the dog’s cage.

Brain Test 3 Level 49 I Must Set The Course To Mars

  • Go to the right side and tap on the button to activate the console. Use the 4 buttons to type ‘Mars’ in the console.

Brain Test 3 Level 50 Drag The Symbols To Find What Position

  • Drag the symbols to change their positions. Look at the sky to get the correct pattern. The pattern is from top left. Red star-asteroid-blue star. From bottom left. Asteroid-Yellow star- Asteroid.

Brain Test 3 Level 51 A Spaceship Abandoded Me Here. Please Help Me Return To Earth

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 52 The Alien Brought Alyx Back To Earth, Then Gundolf Told Her That Last Gem Is In The Hands Of Dracula

  • Escape from the obstacles.

Brain Test 3 Level 53 This Is Dracula’s Office. I Must Look Around

  • Take the book and drag it into the empty spot at the bookcase. Pull the left lever up, and pull down the others.

Brain Test 3 Level 54 Drag The Valve At The Spout Of The Frog Capsule

  • Go to the right side and find a valve. Take the valve by tapping on it. Drag the valve at the spout of the frog’s capsule.

Brain Test 3 Level 55 Drag Dracula Make Him To Shoot The Target

  • Drag Alyx to evade Dracula’s attacks. Make Dracula shoot the window twice.

Brain Test 3 Level 56 I Must Chase Him And Take Back The Gems

  • Escape from the obstacles.

Brain Test 3 Level 57 I Must Pass Through The Fire

  • Take the nail and the hammer. Put the nail into that crack. Hit the nail with the hammer.

Brain Test 3 Level 58 Dracula What Are You Doing Here

  • Answer the questions as on the screen

Brain Test 3 Level 59 I Will Build A Bridge Over This Lava River With My Telekinetic Powers

  • Join the slices to make the path

Brain Test 3 Level 60 Try To Get His Staff While I Distract Him

  • Collect the 2 sticks on the ground. Merge the sticks to make a ladder. Drag the ladder at the small cave entrance above. Use the cave to get to the other side. Take the staff and drag it to Gundolf’s energy ball attack.

Brain Test 3 Level 61 I Have The 4 Gems, Now I Must Give Them To Dad According To A Riddle In The Spell Book

  • Drag the gems in the order RED-YELLOW-BLUE-GREEN.


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