Indian Idol 12: Pawandeep Rajan fans are unhappy with removal of second song from Indian Idol

Pawandeep Rajan Indian Idol 12 performance

In Saturday’s Indian Idol 12, all the contestants paid tribute to the show’s judge Himesh Reshammiya. During this, all the contestants sang Himesh’s songs. Seeing all this, Himesh became very emotional. He thanked all the contestants. Now where most of the contestants sang 2 or 3 songs of Himesh, Pawandeep Rajan sang only one song, and that was the song of Salman Khan’s film Tere Naam.

Pawandeep’s fans liked his performance, but it was unfortunate that Pawandeep’s second song was removed, nor was the judge’s praise shown. Fans are expressing their anger about the show on social media.

Read everyone’s reactions here read users reactions


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