Anupama 14 June 2021 Written Update: After marriage, Kavya stepped into Vanraj’s house, plotting to break the family

Anuapa 14 June 2021

Kavya, Vanraj, and Anupama will now live together in the house. After which, the full-on drama will be seen in the show. Kavya has entered the house. Know what will happen in tonight’s latest episode.

The Shah family came home from the resort. After marriage, Kavya steps into Vanraj’s house for the first time. She breaks the toran on the door as soon as she comes first and is seen most confused. Vanraj also tells Kavya a lot of lies. Know what will happen in the latest episode of Anupama.

There is a lot of drama when you reach home. When it’s time to enter the house. So Bo welcomes Anupama first instead of Kavya. Seeing this, Kavya gets angry. After taking off Anupama’s aarti, Bow starts going inside. Then Rakhi tells Dave Bao if there is oil left in his lamp. So remove Kavya’s aarti too. Then Bo calls her daughter Dolly ahead and asks her to perform her aarti. Sweety performs the aarti of Vanraj and Kavya.

As soon as Kavya steps into the house, the toran on the door breaks, and all the pearls are scattered. Seeing this, Bo and the whole family are shocked. Bow taunts and says that when she just came into the house, she spread the pearls. Don’t do Kanha. That doesn’t keep the family scattered too. Bo gets tired of traveling and asks for water to drink. Then Anupama brings water and starts taking care of the work. Seeing this, Bow starts taunting. Also, when Bo asks Anupama to open the temple’s doors, Kavya insists that she is the new daughter-in-law.

She will open the door. After which, Kavya goes to open the doors of the temple. In this, Anupama stops them and asks them to wash their hands first. Kavya says that she is just opening the doors and is not touching Kanha Ji. Then Anupama goes to make tea and coffee for everyone.

Anupama is washing hands and feet before going to the kitchen. Just then, Kavya comes and says that she will also have coffee. Then Kavya tells Anupama that now when she too will live in this house, remember that she is the daughter-in-law of this house, and this house is hers too. Anupama says that this is your house just now. But this house and its people have belonged to him for many years. Then Vanraj tells Kavya that you do not get peace by pouring ghee in the fire. Vanraj scolds Kavya and says, why did she need to ask Anupama for coffee. Considering the duty of the daughter-in-law, she could make coffee for everyone. Vanraj taunts Kavya and tells her to become a daughter-in-law.

After a long time, Anupama walks into the kitchen and gets emotional. Anupama says that the kitchen is her friend. He has shared all his sorrow and happiness with him. Anupama cleans the entire kitchen, does pooja, and then starts working. In this, Kavya comes and starts making coffee. Kavya and Anupama have a conversation while making coffee. Anumpa tells Kavya not to focus her mind on what she does and how she does it. Anupama leaves, and Kavya gets entangled in their words. Then the milk boils and falls, and Rakhi Dave starts taunting Kavya.

Ever since Kavya has come into the house, she is being taunted and taunted. Seeing this, Rakhi Dave advises Kavya to get used to it. Kavya says that according to one way, Babuji did well by stopping Anupama. Who will cook the food in oil, spices, and heat? Then Rakhi reminds Dave that this is what her husband Vanraj likes. Kavya tells Rakhi Dave that she will change Vanraj’s habit and mind.

Dolly meets every one to go to her house. She also calls Anupama a boy while leaving. Then Kavya comes and starts calling Dolly a boy. Hearing this, Kavya gets angry and says, boy sister-in-law, and get used to it. Hearing this, Dolly tells Kavya that Anupama is her sister-in-law and always will be. Also, the status of the sister-in-law is equal to that of the mother. Dolly also says that parents want their children to become doctor-engineers, but they want their daughter to become Anupama. Hearing this, Anupama gets emotional, and Kavya is shocked.


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