Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Glamorous celebrities are expected to participate in season 5

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 glamorous celebrities

Bigg Boss means glamor, controversy. Had these two been there, the audience would have been interested in Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss, who is immensely connected to the television audience, has good fans in the villages. Bigg Boss 4 seasons have been hugely popular with them, and Star Maa has just started the process for the fifth season.

Television audiences in the villages were discussing all the episodes in Bigg Boss Season 4 on social media. Sohel win was good; Abhijeet was good at first. Then they both concentrated on the romance angle with Monal, and she was seen winning people’s sympathy by crying and votes through her glamour.

However, now for the 5th season of Bigg Boss, we will take more controversial candidates and glamorous girls as contestants. This means that even Harika, Monal, and Ariana glamor do not match Bigg Boss contestants in season 5. Bigg Boss organizers plan to be more glamorous this time around.

Also, in the case of celebrities, the organizers of Bigg Boss are in the planning. They are trying hard to sign up celebrities by paying them a huge sum as salary. This time Bigg Boss Season 5 is sure to be glamorous and colorful. Season 5 is likely to start in September 2021, and Star Maa is preparing a list for it.


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