Anupama 29 June 2021 Written Update: Rakhi Dave threatened to send entire family to jail

Anupama 29 June 2021

A strong twist has come in the show ‘Anupama.’ Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinchal has turned against him. In which Kavya has a hand. The talk in the house increased so much that Rakhi Dave threatened to send Anupama’s entire family to jail. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

Ever since Kavya has come to Vanraj’s house in the show Anupama, the spectacle in the house has doubled. Making Kinchal a prank, Kavya instigates him against Anupama and Bo. Kinchal also forgets her dignity and misbehaves with Anupama and Bo. On the other hand, Kavya tells Rakhi Dave how she has got her daughter to work as a maid. Hearing this, Rakhi Dave gets furious. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Kinchal gets fed up with Bo’s words and tells Anupama too. Kinchal tells Anupama that it is not necessary that everyone should be like her and when this happens in this house, no daughter-in-law will be able to take her place in this house. Kinchal leaves are saying this, and Anupama gets stunned. Kavya tells the boy and Anupama that now even her daughter-in-law has told that Anupama is the real root of the trouble. Kinchal’s words are going on in Anupama’s mind.

Kavya tells Rakhi Dave about the fight with Kinchal. Kavya tells how Kinchle has to answer Anupama and Baa today. Also, Kavya tells Rakhi Dave that Anupama has started getting more school work. At the same time, his mother’s health is also bad. In such a situation, she goes in the morning and comes home at night. In such a situation, Kinchal has to do both home and office work. Rakhi Dave gets furious on hearing this.

Anupama is very upset about what happened with Kinchal. She is crying, sitting alone. Then Babuji comes. Anupama tells Babu Ji that she has failed. She had promised Kinchal that she would not let him become Anupama. But now the same thing is happening. Babu Ji explains to Anupama that it is not her fault but the fault of the circumstances. Anupama believes that she is getting as much as she can from Kinchle. She’s doing that much.

Tosho comes from the office, and he asks Kinchal if he argued with Bo and Anupama. Kinchle thinks that Bo has told, but Toso reveals that Kavya has told him. Kinchal tells Tosh how Bo is troubled by everything. Meanwhile, Babu convinces Ji-Bo to change his ways. Even if you explain something to Kinchle, then explain it to her with love. Toso also explains to Kinchle in the same way.

Meanwhile, Anupama comes to talk to Kinchal. But then Kavya comes and tells Anupama where she is standing. He is part of his Vanraj.

Rakhi Dave comes home seeing Kinchal upset and starts shouting at Anupama. Rakhi Dave tells Anupama that she had promised that she would not let Kinchal get imprisoned in the four walls. Rakhi tells Dave that she has raised Kinchal like a queen. But today, the same girl is making rotis in the kitchen. Vegetables are coming in hand. Rakhi says that she loves you all, but you guys are not worthy of her love.

After hearing Vanraj and Rakhi Dave’s argument, Babu Ji says they don’t accuse each other of knowing this incomplete thing. Rakhi Dave says that she is talking now. She can also complain to the police, against everyone, as well as against you. Seeing Rakhi’s behavior with Babu Ji, Anupama cannot stop herself, and Rakhi tells Dave that she will not tolerate this.


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