Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Voting: BBK8 features these contestants in second innings second nomination

BBK8 nomination

The first elimination took place in the second innings of Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8. The next day the nomination for the second elimination took place. Most contestants of the house are nominated for elimination this week. All contestants must perform best.

Divya Uruduga is the captain of the house. Arvind is directly nominated. The names of the remaining members had to be chosen. There were more votes for Emperor Chandrachud in the nomination. The Emperor is ruining the atmosphere of the house, including the accusations of rage.

Strong contestant, Manju Pavagada of the house, took second place. Allegations have been leveled against them to make their own rules, playgroups, and strangle them.

Priyanka Thimmesh was very opportunistic; some even nominated her to be able to play well. Prashant Sambaragi, Shubha Poonja, Raghu, Shamant, Divya Suresh, and Vaishnavi have been added to the nomination list.

As captain, Divya Uruduga was given a chance to save one. Divya saved Shubha Poonja from nomination as she likes her. She still wants to go ahead. Bigg Boss was not given the chance to nominate Arvind directly and save him.

So this week, the elimination hangings of Chakravarti Chandrachud, Manju Pavagada, Priyanka Thimmesh, Divya Suresh, Prashant Sambaragi, Raghu Gowda, Shamant Bro Gowda, Vaishnavi, and Arvind KP.


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