Anupama 21 July 2021 Written Update: Kavya-Pakhi ruined the food of Vanraj’s cafe

Anupama 21 July 2021

Vanraj is already worried about customers not coming to his cafe. In such a situation, Kavya Pakhi does such a thing. Anupama gets very upset about this. Also, the whole family is shocked to see Pakhi’s misbehavior. Know what will happen in the Anupama show tonight.

These days the audience is getting to see full-on entertainment in the show ‘Anupama.’ Pakhi and Kavya become friends once again. Anupama is unhappy to see that. On the other hand, Vanraj is very worried about his cafe. Kavya is not supporting Vanraj over the cafe. At the same time, Pakhi and Kavya do such a thing. Seeing this, everyone is shocked, and Anupama’s anger reaches the seventh heaven. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama.’

Anupama does not like the increasing proximity of Pakhi with Kavya
Pakhi’s growing proximity towards Kavya has started harassing Anupama. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she wants to stay with Kavya. Vanraj and Anupama go about their respective work. As soon as she enters the cafe, Anupama gives courage to Vanraj that today will be better than tomorrow. Anupama tells Vanraj that even if someone drinks the water of Gujarat, then he does not need to do an MBA.

Baa saw a strange dream
Baa Pakhi dreams of making Kavya realize her mistake. Baa sees how Paakhi and Kavya come to know about their mistake with a little riddle, and both also apologize to Baa. Just then, Pakhi and Kavya hear the sound of laughter, which breaks Bo’s dream, when Baa Kavya and Pakha try to explain, so both leave without listening.

Vanraj Anupama was happy to see the customer
Vanraj is waiting for the customer in the cafe. While Anupama is busy with her dance class. After a long wait, a customer comes to the cafe. Seeing this, Vanraj and Anupama become very happy.

Baa scolded Pakhi for lying to friends
Pakhi’s friends come home. Seeing this, Bo tells Kavya that she should have told her about this. So that she could clean the house and cook food for the children. Pakhi introduces Kavya to her friends. Pakhi’s friends tell her that now Kavya has become a stepmother from her bestie. Pakhi says that Kavya is not a stepmother like she is shown in films. She’s pretty good. Pakhi also says that Kavya is teaching her dance. Hearing this, his friends say his mother, Anupama, teaches that dance.

Pakhi lies and says that she has no time. Then Baa comes and tells the children that Anumpa has to do housework, dance school. At the same time, Pakhi herself did not want to learn dance from him. Baa scolds Pakhi and asks her to tell the whole truth.

Vanraj shares his concern about the cafe with his uncle
Vanraj gets very upset not seeing the customers in the cafe. He shares his concern with his uncle. Mama also encourages Vanraj that everything will be fine when Anupama started dance class. Then he had a child, and today it has become a school. Vanraj says that there is no money in Anupama’s business. But a lot of money is invested in his business. Hearing this, Mama justifies Vanraj’s concern, but giving courage; he also talks about running the cafe. As soon as Mama leaves, Vanraj starts thinking that the words of Kavya may not come true. Anupama sees Vanraj sad.

Baa furious at Kavya
Baa gets angry seeing Kavya having fun with Pakhi’s friends. Baa tells Kavya that you will keep having fun with the children or will feed the children too. Baa asks Kavya to go to the kitchen and prepare food.

Vanraj got the first big order
Anupama brings the parents of the children from her dance school to Vanraj’s cafe. Vanraj offers everyone his cafe’s masala chai. Just then, a call comes to the cafe to order. Mama writes down the entire order. Vanraj gets very happy seeing the order. Vanraj packs all the food and waits for someone to come to pick him up. For a long time, until no one comes, he gets upset. At the same time, the uncle forgets to write the person who ordered the food. Just then, the driver comes to the cafe and takes away the luggage. When Mama asks for the money, Vanraj says that an online payment was made.

Pakhi crossed all the limits of misbehavior
Anupama, Vanraj, Samar, and Mama reach home at the cafe. Where he sees Pakhi’s school friends. Also, Anupama and Samar are shocked to see the food on the table. The children have not eaten the food that came from the cafe. In this case, all that food is wasted. Pakhi goes to Papa Vanraj and tells them how much his friends liked the cafe food.

Anupama gets very annoyed at Pakhi’s actions and asks Pakhi if something has not been eaten; Pakhi says that her friends have eaten each food in small portions. Anupama then asks what to do with the leftover food. So Pakhi says that you guys should eat. Hearing Pakhi’s reply, Anupama gets angry and scolds that Baa and Babuji will eat leftover food.


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