Anupama 29 July 2021 Written Update: Kavya angry seeing Anupama getting praised

Anupama 29 July 2021

The whole family is deeply saddened by the cafe getting two stars. Kavya blames Anupama for this. Kavya also instigates Vanraj against Anupama. The whole family is worried about the arrival of a food critic in the cafe. Anupama also cooks good food to save the cafe’s image. Also, Vanraj works hard for the cafe. Despite this, Mansi Jain gives only two stars to her cafe. Everyone gets angry seeing that. Kavya puts all the blame on Anupama. Kavya plays her tricks and tries to make Vanraj the same as before. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

The cafe got a bad rating
Kavya was waiting for the newspaper. She sees that Anupama is offering water to Tulsi. Just then, the newspaper comes, and Anupama takes it in her hand. Then Kavya snatches the newspaper and goes to the house. Kavya is shocked to read the review of the cafe in the newspaper. When Vanraj reads the review of the cafe, he gets angry and slams the newspaper. Kavya gets angry at Anupama for getting bad reviews and starts blaming her for getting 2 stars.

Just then, Vanraj says that the cafe got 2 stars because of him and not because of Anupama. Mansi Jain has clearly written that the food was good, but the order was not good. Mansi Jain’s rating upsets the whole family.

Chhaya Leela’s Cafe on Youtube
Everyone gets upset when the cafe gets two stars from Mansi Jain, then Samar’s friend sends him something. Everyone is surprised to see that. Actually, a girl has come to the cafe who is a YouTuber. He has millions of followers on social media. She makes a review video of Leela’s cafe. In which she praises the cafe and Anupama fiercely. The whole family gets thrilled seeing this. He praises Anupama fiercely. Seeing this, Kavya gets angry and goes to her room. Anupama has gone to make breakfast, and Bo says she will offer a special prasad to Kanhaji today.

Kavya made her new move
Vanraj goes to the angry Kavya. He says whatever happened is good. All is well that ends well. Vanraj tells Kavya that he knows that she is living with water from Anupama. Then Kavya plays her game. Kavya tells Vanraj that the girl has taken Anupama’s name in the entire video. The girl didn’t even take her name. Kavya says that it seems that he has become a manager in the cafe. Kavya says that both help each other in friendship. But in this, Anupama is seen helping him. Kavya tells Vanraj that she wants Vanraj back as before.

Samar becomes very happy when Anupama’s name appears in the cafe video. He tells Anupama that the video has got 1 lakh views. Then there will be 2 lakhs, 10 lakhs, and then 50 lakhs. Samar says that he and Bo will go on the red carpet, and everyone will be seen shaking hands. Anupama asks him to stop there. Anupama says that Vanraj’s pride will be hurt. Samar gets very sad hearing this.

Vanraj annoyed by taking Anupama’s name in cafe
Seeing the progress of the cafe, Bo makes a prasad for Kanha Ji. Vanraj comes to them and says that he is going to the cafe. Bow tells Vanraj that today is such a big day, so he should sweeten his mouth and go. But Vanraj says that he should feed Anupama because her name has come. Ba, Babuji, Anupama, and Samar are shocked to hear this. Babuji says that if someone says good to good in today’s time, no one can listen.

Fight between Tosho Kinchal again over Penthouse
Tosh is getting ready in his room. Just then, the key to the penthouse falls from Kinchle’s purse. Tosho gets very happy seeing this. Just then, Kinchal comes, and Tosho hugs her. Kinchal is also shocked to see Tosho happy. Just then, Kinchal sees that Toso has the key to the penthouse. Seeing this, Kinchal asks Tosh if she thought that she has agreed to go to Pant House. She tells Tosho that she will go there only on weekends. One weekend she will spend with the family and the other with her. Hearing this, Tosh’s mood gets spoiled. He tells Kinchle that if she doesn’t go, he himself will go without her.

Vanraj returned to the old color
Vanraj’s behavior deeply saddens Anupama as soon as Anupama reaches the cafe. She reaches to talk to Vanraj. Vanraj talks badly to Anupama. He says that he should make that video and explain it now. Hearing this, Anupama gets even angrier. She says that she made a big mistake that he helped her. She will now maintain the relationship of friendship only at home. Then Vanraj says that where there is no friendship, there is favor. Vanraj says that he will pay the rent at the end of the month.


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