Anupama 5 August 2021 Written Update: Kavya ditches Pakhi during dance competition

Anupama 5 august 2021

A lot of high voltage drama is seen in the show ‘Anupama.’ Ever since Pakhi has chosen Kavya’s side. Since then, Pakhi has forgotten to respect Anupama. The whole family is deeply worried about this change in Pakhi. Know about the latest episodes of Anupama.

Everyone in the house is distraught with Pakhi’s misbehavior. Pakhi doesn’t like seeing Anupama in front of her even for a minute. In such a situation, there is a lot of commotion in the house every day. Bapuji and Bo Pakhi are very upset with this behavior. On the other hand, Pakhi has forgotten to differentiate between right and wrong while living with Kavya. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

The whole family is shocked to see Pakhi happy with Kavya. Then Kavya calls up her friend. She calls her friend and asks for a job. Kavya says to get a job just once. Everything will be fine by itself. Vanraj had gone to get a loan. Coming back, Vanraj in the car wonders how he didn’t get the loan. Bankers say that no money has arrived in their account for a long time. Also, they don’t have a job. So they cannot get a loan.

Pakhi runs to Anupama and asks her to get the top made. Anupama happily starts making her hair. When the door opens, Kinchle comes in. Anupama gets shocked seeing this. Kinchal sees that Anupama has some papers in her hands. Kinchal says that she does not have one daughter with her, but another daughter is there. Then Samar and Nandini also come. Samar, Nandani, and Kinchal tell Anupama that she will rock as soon as she climbs the stage.

Simultaneously, Samar and Nandani say how they will handle their work in the coming time. Anupama hugs everyone in happiness. Pakhi sees all this and says they have all come to her, but she has gone far away from them. Pakhi says that she, too, has gone to Bestie like Papa.

After Samar and Nandani leave, Anupama privately asks Kinchal if all is well between her and Toshho. The quarrel between the two ended. Kinchal tells Anupama to wait until one of them changes his decision. Then there will be estrangement between the two. Anupama tells Kinchal that she doesn’t mind if Tosho wants to go, but Kinchal tells how her childhood was spent without parental love.

Kinchal says that there were always bus workers in her house ever since she came to this house. Since then, they have seen real relationships come alive. Kinchal said that there are fights in every house. Tosho had come sometime back to stay in that house for two days. But could not stay there. Anupama advises Kinchal to go and see for some time.

Anupama makes Kinchal realize that her relationship was earlier with Toshho. Anupama says that she should focus on her own relationship. The whole family wants to see both of them happy together, which is when both have to understand each other. Anupama tells Kinchal to take whatever decision she takes. Take it carefully

Anupama folds her hands in front of God in the temple and says that Pakhi and Kavya’s performance should go well. Just then, Anupama is preparing bags for her school children. Just then, Bow comes and tells her not to prepare Pakhi bags. Kavya comes. She says that she has prepared the bag. She sees the food outside in the bag. Anupama says that if Pakhi eats this, then her health will deteriorate. Anupama gives khichdi to Kavya. But Kavya refuses to take it. Just then, Pakhi comes and starts fighting with Anupama again.

In front of the whole family, Pakhi again tells Anupama a lot of lies. Pakhi says that she is jealous of Kavya, and she has to become great. Pakhi says that she hates Anupama a lot. Hearing this, Vanraj tells Pakhi to keep quiet, but she does not listen. Then Bapuji gets angry, and he scolds Pakhi fiercely.

Bapuji says that when someone from outside does this. So it doesn’t matter, but when a child in the house does this, it breaks the heart. The liver peels off. Bapuji explains to Pakhi that a daughter has insulted a mother’s love in this house. In that case, you should be punished. Bapuji says that if any member of the house goes to the function, he swears to never talk to her. Bapuji tells Pakhi that if he learns this, then there will be a lesson for him. If he doesn’t learn then he is punished.

Bapuji brings Anupama’s bag and gives it to her, and asks her to go to school. Bapuji asks Anupama to go by bus or rickshaw. But don’t go with these great people. Because what is your position in their eyes? of a mother. Anupama leaves the house with a sad face.


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