Bomb Money BSC Review: A Tomb fork on Binance Smart Chain

Bomb Finance Review

Bomb Money is a fork of one of the popular degen plays TOMB Finance. This is the first fork of $TOMB we’ve seen. It is on the Binance Smart Chain, but let’s dig in why we think it’s worth a try. Bomb Money gives 5,800% + 4000 APR This equals 12-20% per day approximately.

First of all, the risk level of Bomb Money is 10/10 which means it could be completely worthless or that it could moon 10x. Personally, we’re only betting 0.5% of our portfolio or bet only the money that you are ready to lose.

We know that TOMB is pegged to FTM. The main difference with Bomb Money is that it tries to peg to Bitcoin, instead of Fantom. The peg is 10,000 $BOMB: 1 BTC.

It is currently over the peg 1.09 at present. $TOMB is pegged to the price of FTM, so farming FTM: TOMB should net no Impermanent Loss, and you’ve paid out in $TSHARE

Bomb-BTCB pair is currently rewarding BShare at approximately 12% daily, the BShare-BNB pair is giving a little less at 10%. These rates will diminish rapidly, but once stabilized the protocol could see a similar growth pattern to TOMB.

TVL was 10M last night, it’s 14M now. The Twitter page @BombMoneyBSC only has 300 members which made me very skeptical. The main developer is @AaronShames who is active in telegram and you can find his Linkedin, other business ventures, etc.

The developer name in discord is CryptoAaron Otherwise, everything else checks out. It is crazy that $OHM forks were popular, but it took this long for a $TOMB fork.

Our prediction is that we will see one on the Avalaunch network soon. It feels about as risky as an $OHM fork, but with maybe some more consistent returns for how new it is.

You have 3 options on how to do it:

  • Only single side-stake BSHARE: 5947% APR
  • Farm $BOMB/$BTCB: 4117% APR
  • Farm $BSHARE/$BNB: 3507% APR

The way we did it:

  • We first farm $BOMB/$BTCB to 4117% APR and we are getting paid in BSHARE.
  • We stake our BSHARE (5947% APR).

You need Metamask with Binance Smart Chain network to buy this.

You could also do bonding, but we are not doing this. We advise you to read the docs, anon:



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