Anupama 7 June 2021 Written Update: Anupama’s health deteriorated after surgery, Vanraj-Samar worried

Anupama 7 June 2021 Written Update

Anupama’s emergency surgery has been done. Because of which he is admitted to ICU. Suddenly Anupama’s health deteriorates again. Seeing this, Samar and Vanraj get very upset. On the other hand, Kavya gets angry with Vanraj and once starts misbehaving with Babuji. Know what will happen in today’s latest episode.

Anupama’s surgery is done in the show ‘Anupama.’ Due to Anupama’s health, Vanraj leaves Kavya on the honeymoon. Because of which Kavya is very angry. Anupama Jahan is fighting a battle between life and death. On the other hand, Kavya is engaged in the rituals of the first day of marriage. Know what will happen in the latest show of ‘Anupama.’

Rakhi Dave got angry on daughter Kinchal
Kinchal comes to the resort after hearing the news of Anupama’s health. Seeing her worrying about Anupama, Kinchal’s mother Rakhi Dave tells her that she left her father for Anupama. Kinchal says that Papa is absolutely there, but now Anupama Maa needs him. Hearing this, Rakhi gets angry and says that now her mother-in-law is Kavya and focus on her.

Kinchal says that of course Kavya is mother-in-law, but Anupama is her mother. Rakhi Dave says who is her then? Kinchal explains to her mother that everyone reacts to Kavya’s action. Rakhi Dave gets upset seeing Kinchal like this.

Anupama’s surgery
Kavya reaches the hospital and asks Doctor Advaita if Vanraj is here. Doctor Advaita is quite surprised to hear this. Doctor Advaita says that he thought she would ask how is Anupama? Doctor Advaita informs that Vanraj has given blood to Anupama. Knowing this, Kavya angrily leaves the hospital. Then the doctor tells Advaita to Vanraj and Samar that Anupama’s surgery has become sexful. Hearing this, the whole family becomes happy.

Kavya-Vanraj’s fight happened on the first day of marriage
Kavya gets very angry at Vanraj for stopping Anupama with him in the hospital all night. As Vanraj comes home. Kavya starts taunting him. Vanraj asks Kavya if she had come to the hospital. There is a lot of debate between Kavya and Vanraj. Whose voice starts coming out. Rakhi Dave starts having fun seeing this. Hearing this, the family members also start taking leave.

Kavya’s first kitchen
On the one hand, Anupama is admitted in the hospital. On the other hand, Kavya is lost in her own world. Kavya cooks her first kitchen after marriage and her kheer gets burnt while making kheer. The booze of burning kheer reaches the box and starts talking about Kavya with Sweet. Kavya brings her made Kheer to Babu ji and Babu ji also gives her an omen. After which Babu ji puts the kheer in front of Tulsi. Seeing this, Kavya gets angry and starts misbehaving with Babuji. Seeing this, Babu ji advises Kavya to get angry. Seeing this, Leela becomes very happy and in happiness gives roses to Babuji.

Anupama’s deteriorating condition
After the surgery, the doctor tells Advaita that Anupama is fine. But after some time Anumpa’s health starts deteriorating. Samar gets very upset seeing this. The doctor sends Advaita Samar out and starts examining Anupama with the doctors. Standing outside the ICU, Samar is looking at mother Anupama when Vanraj comes. Vanraj asks Samar if Anupama is fine. Just then, Samar starts crying and Vanraj sees that Anupama’s condition is deteriorating. After seeing this, Samar and Vanraj start trying to bring Anupama to her senses.


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