Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants Update: Tv9 Anchor Pratyusha to enter Bigg Boss 5

TV9 Pratyusha Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

After completing four seasons of the Bigg Boss reality show in the Telugu television industry, fans seem to be crawling with enthusiasm for the 5th season. Even though the entire film industry was shut down due to COVID 19 lockdown, It is reported that the entire sector is preparing for the Big Boss Telugu 5.

It is reported that the preparations for the 5th season of Bigg Boss Telugu have started in the background of the declining coronavirus conditions in Telangana. It is learned that the organizers are in consultation with several celebrities in this regard. It seems that the organizers are working hard to shortlist contestants for season 5.

Even during the coronavirus last year, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 season was well received. It received maximum TRP among reality shows, and even the votes the contestants received were a lot compared to other seasons. It is known that movie star Abhijeet won the title last season. This sequence seems to focus more on the choice of celebrities.

It seems that TV9 anchor Pratyusha is looming in the Big Boss selection race. Posts are going viral on social media as organizers think that anchor Pratyusha screen presence, timeliness, qualifications, mannerisms are likely to become a special attraction for the audience in Bigg Boss 5.

It is learned that the names of anchor Ravi, Varshini Soundaryarajan, TV5 Murthy, etc., who are excelling in Telugu television, have also appeared on the screen. Also, the names of Shiva and Sravanti Prashant, who are excelling as anchors on YouTube, are under consideration. It came to light that some of them were not likely to be on the final list.

Apart from the television industry, it is learned that the stars who are buzzing on social media and some artists in the film industry have also approached the film heroines. However, it is revealed that the process of finalizing the final list is still ongoing. It is noteworthy that, as always, the process continues in secret. However, it is reported that the season is planning to start in August or September 2021.


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